Rock and Sheep

So here we go with a little test that I am doing. I tried putting my thoughts and research on my blog in a transparently titled entry to share with my readers my thoughts on things that I had learned or discovered. Much to my dismay it does not appear anywhere I place it. I can find it but my friends can not so I am trying something out. Please bear with me and use your imagination.

Most people are not aware that Rocky Junior was the man directly responsible for creating and instigating the destructive war on drugs.

The war on drugs which has continued for many decades since it was started in the early 1900s was carefully planned and orchestrated to protect the family ownership of a chemically-based pharmaceutical monopoly.

The war was first begun by Rock Junior, with the help of his father, Rocky Sr (1839 to 1937), taking over the control of all legal narcotics. A few years after Rock Junior had taken over the narcotics business market, they then set their sights on eliminating medicinal marijuana (known as cannabis), because it was a competitive threat to their chemically-based pharmaceutical sales.

In addition to the control on narcotics, Rock Junior was also directly responsible for the prohibition of marijuana back during the 1930s, and he was the real reason behind the government-sponsored Reefer-Madness propaganda campaign designed to scare people about marijuana. Rock Junior used as a business tactic the strategy of controlling narcotics by using political influence to get laws passed. He also used the strategy of prohibiting certain medicines, in order to control the entire medical system, which he, with the help of his father was able to accomplish.

This was done to insure that the Rock-owned pharmaceutical companies would remain the powerful monopolies that they had become. Hemp/marijuana made plentiful ethanol when distilled and was good for running car engines, generators etc. Hemp/marijuana had many industrial uses such as cloth, paper, ropes, and many, many other uses. Because it made plentiful ethanol it therefore was seen as a competitive threat to the Rockefeller petroleum monopolies, as was the fact that cannabis/marijuana was an excellent natural medicine which presented a serious threat to the Rock monopoly on chemically-based pharmaceutical sales.

I do not want to spend a lot of time writing about  Rock Senior or the oil monopoly he built, since this is a research paper about the war on drugs. However, in order to understand the strategies used by Rock Junior in causing prohibition, thus creating the war on drugs, it helps to look at the strategies used by  Senior and how he earned his huge oil fortune.  Junior learned a lot about how to conduct business from his father. So just a brief but closer look at the elder Rock and his early days follows.From a humble beginning, by the early 1900s  Senior was considered to be the richest man in the world; having made a huge fortune in oil.

The Standard Oil Company formed by Senior in 1870 was by now so big that the government insisted that it be broken down into several smaller oil companies, which are still largely owned by the Rocks today.

There have been many name changes over the years of the oil companies formed from the old Standard Oil Company such as BP, Texaco, Exxon Mobile, Sunoco to name just a few of the oil companies still owned by the  family.

An excellent book about the early days of Standard Oil is The History of Standard Oil Company, by Ida Tarbell. When her book was published around 1904, it caused a sensation. Rock allies publically labeled Miss Tarbell as a muckraker, and Senior privately made fun of the author and called her Miss Tar-Barrel. However,  Senior never made any public reference to the book, because he was probably embarrassed, or maybe he just did not care if people knew he was a crook. In any case the Tarbell book contained a detailed account of the early years of Rock building his oil refinery monopolies and she exposed his crooked business dealings in her book. Her book goes into highly documented detail about fraud, secret kickbacks, bribes and ruthless business practices used by Senior in his strategy of deceit and deception to eliminate any competition from others, and which would also guarantee a monopoly for his Standard Oil Company.

When Senior started his first oil refinery in Cleveland, one refinery was not enough for him. He was driven to own all the refineries, whether the other refinery owners liked it or not. He was a steam roller. It also was not enough for him to just own all the refineries; he had to take over the distribution routes too, such as the railroads, waterways, and pipelines. He took over the distribution of the oil from the refineries to the ports on the east coast, where his ships were waiting to carry the oil to other countries. He built huge storage tanks to hold oil before it was distributed to the customer. He took over the domestic routes, with his own fleet of trucks, delivering oil directly to homes and businesses needing oil. He eliminated any middle men and took their profits as his own. Senior was like a man driven to obtain more and more. He was very smart and shrewd and he knew how to make deals in which he always got the best of the deal, and often leaving the other guy emotionally broken and financially bankrupted. Rock senior had a great ability to create monopolies and to break the spirit of his competitors.

Rock Senior’s obsession to own everything included owning or controlling the various chemical companies that relied on his petroleum. These chemical companies made various products such as fertilizers, pesticides, explosives, industrial chemicals of all sorts as well as synthetic fibers and pharmaceutical drugs.

These chemical companies were totally dependent on Rock petroleum. Rock took over the controlling interest of these companies and ran them.Another thing I want to mention about Rock Senior because it is important to know about is that in the early days of building his oil empire, he formed a fake company called the South Improvement Company to carry out shady deals.

This was the company Rock would use when he did not want people to know they were dealing with him. This company would make all kinds of shady deals and many people lost their businesses when they signed up with this company. The company looked great on paper and its bylaws looked fair, and many businesses signed up with this company because it looked so good on paper. However, once the unsuspecting businessman joined up with the fake company, he soon realized that according to the fine print he had given up all control and ownership of his company to Rock Senior.

The reason I mention this is because years later when the younger Rock Junior was creating the League of Nations, similar wording was used for the conditions of countries to join the League of Nations. In other words just like companies unknowingly gave up all their rights and control of their businesses to the old South Improvement Company which had been formed by Rock Senior, those joining the League of Nations had to also agree to give up their autonomy and to agree to defer any major decisions to the League of Nations. There are many similarities between the formation of South Improvement and the League of Nations.

The book, The History of Standard Oil, by Ida Tarbell can be found free on the Internet. This book is a fascinating look at the early oil industry of the Pennsylvania Oil fields and the rise to prominence of Rock Senior.The wealth being produced from oil (kerosene) was enormous even before cars were on the road to use gasoline. Rock Senior began buying coal mines, railroads, steel mills, chemical companies that depended on petroleum products, and many other areas of business and industry. In 1894 he had developed oil ties in Venezuela and had purchased a railroad in Manchuria now in Northeast China.

Rock Senior believed that if you made a small investment in another country, it would buy great political influence in that country. He also wanted to retire from the oil business and use his time to do other things such as philanthropy and work on causes. Even before the automobile appeared on the national scene, the Rocks were very rich, and once gasoline became needed for automobiles, the wealth of the family became even greater.

Eventually Rock did retire and allowed others to run the oil business, although he still had total control over everything his oil companies did. By the late 1890s he was retired from the oil business, and looking for new business opportunities, under the guise of philanthropy. This desire to do philanthropy work, while on the surface looked good, also had a more self-serving side.

It seemed to satisfy an obsessive need in Rock Senior to create even more monopolies to protect the growing Rock Empire. So while Rock Senior had now officially retired from running Standard Oil Companies, he was looking for new business ventures while hiding behind the mask of philanthropy. Now Rock Senior had his son to help him. The only son born to  Rock Senior was John Rock Junior.

When Junior was old enough, somewhere around the turn of the century, his father gave him the responsibility for running Standard Oil. However, after Junior had worked a short time in the top position, his father replaced him with someone else who was more qualified to run the company. Nonetheless, this did not prevent Rock Senior from finding other positions for Junior because  Senior was grooming Junior to manage the family fortune, and there were a lot of ways to do it.

Senior set Junior up on the board of directors of many companies and industries, including U.S. Steel. During the period from about 1900 to 1920 the Rocks, both Senior and Junior, started working on serious plans to take over the educational system, the medical system, all the medical schools and research schools.

This was all done in the name of so called philanthropy, but was really designed to act as a method of distributing the chemical pharmaceutical drugs that his companies produced. Rock had already decided to take control of the physicians of America and use them as distributors for his pharmaceutical drugs. One thing  Senior had always done in his past business dealings was to take total control away from others and give it to himself. To his way of thinking, buying or taking over a medical school or university was no different than taking over any other business.

Senior showed Junior just how easy it was to take over the entire medical system in the United States, and that is exactly what happened.  Senior set up the Educational Fund, later to be named the Rock Foundation (established in 1913) and they gave money to the various educational institutions in the form of a conditional grant. This means that if a medical school or university accepted conditional grant money offered by the Rock Foundation, there were strings attached. Those strings basically gave control of the school to the Rocks.

Senior was not the type of person to twist arms to get his way. The use of force was not his style, to the best I can determine. While Senior often resorted to crooked and unethical business practices to bilk his competitors, he did not use force to get control of a business or industry. Instead Senior used shrewd intelligence, secrecy and the practice of dangling a lot of money (like a payoff) in front of the people who could make the decision to give up control of their educational institution to the Rocks.

The Rock tactics usually worked, whether in the business world or the world of academics, it did not matter, because people still reacted to money in the same way. Senior expended huge sums of money buying out medical schools, universities and especially research schools, but to Rock, the money was just a drop in the bucket. The purpose of taking over the medical schools was so that the Rocks could now insist that physicians be trained to only prescribe the use of chemical pharmaceutical drugs for their patients.

Any teaching of naturopathy, the use of medicinal plants to treat illnesses, was to be viewed as quackery. Any teaching of nutrition, holistic medicine, or the prescribing of healing and medicinal herbs/plants was not allowed. The ultimate goal of this strategy was to be able to control what physicians were allowed to do, or not do. If a physician stepped out of line and did anything that was not approved by the Rock medical doctrine, the physician lost his license to practice medicine.

If the physician followed the Rock rules, they would be financially rewarded through money. In the case of colleges and universities that were not necessarily related to medical teaching, they got money too. The roster of universities and colleges that have received Rock money includes the leading Ivy League schools. The Rocks pretty much built the University of Chicago, as well as other schools, too numerous to mention. Rock wanted to be able to utilize these schools to teach students the Rock doctrine of global economic development. To Rock Senior, the schools were just more businesses to be added to his empire, and would pay results by benefiting the Rock business interests. A little historical footnote about the Rock Foundation, as well as the Carnegie Foundation which is actually funded by Rock money follows.

Back in 1954 a congressional committee called the Reese committee was convened to investigate tax exempt Foundations such as the Rock Foundation. The investigation found a lot of wrongdoing on the part of these Foundations and was critical of how they operated. When the results of the investigation were released to the public, Carol Reese, the man who was in charge of the investigation, was slandered and attacked by the Rock controlled media. Another project that the Rocks were working on was narcotic control (opium) in order to insure their monopoly on the medical system. Senior must have known that the person who can decide who gets to use narcotics and who cannot is the person who controls the entire medical system.

Without narcotics, doctors cannot practice medicine, and hospitals cannot treat patients in pain or perform surgical procedures. Without narcotics people suffering terrible pain cannot find relief. Narcotics are a necessity to any medical system.  Senior and Junior used a variety of methods to corner the market and control narcotics. One of these tactics was to hide behind sacred cows to achieve business goals. Sacred cows such as religion, church groups, and missionaries. I am not sure if it was Senior or Junior who thought up the idea to use missionaries to beat the drum for prohibition of narcotics, but that was one of their tactics.

The missionaries carefully chosen by the Rock were reportedly Baptist fundamentalist types who were more interested in stirring up trouble for people who used narcotics than spreading the word of the Lord. The missionaries in China were always trying to get laws passed which punished those Chinese citizens who used narcotics. In 1909 Rock, using his missionaries convened the first commission on international narcotics, sponsored by the U.S. State Department, and held in Shanghai, China. In 1912 another international opium conference, with the same group of missionaries was held, and was called the International Opium Convention. Those countries who attended this convention agreed to be bound by the rules of the convention, which committed this country to work toward the control of all narcotics worldwide. Later, this same group of prohibitionist minded missionary types would also comprise the first narcotics board on the League of Nations, created by the Rocks around 1920. I believe that Rock Senior was planning on doing in China what he was also doing in the United States, and that was to get a monopoly of the Chinese medical system. The Rock business strategy for China was to force the Chinese people off of their traditional herbal medicines and on to Rock chemical pharmaceutical drugs. Rock missionaries were agitating for opium prohibition in China, same as in America. I believe that Senior planned to eventually get laws changed in China, making the conversion easier. Senior and Junior built a huge medical school and hospital in China. The medical school would have produced the so called medical experts needed to convince government to change laws to favor Rock pharmaceutical sales. I believe that none of these things ever came to fruition, but not because the Rocks did not try.

Between a war in China and the Communists coming to power in China, western businessmen were no longer welcome in the country, thus removing any further hope of doing business in the Chinese market for the Rock. There is much more I could write about the Rock habit of using intolerant religious groups to carry out the Rock prohibition agenda. Before researching this paper I did not know that the Rocks actually created their own church and used it to push public acceptance for the League of Nations, which  Junior was instrumental in creating. This organization was created in order to protect the Rock rapidly growing global empire.

What are you Thankful for…..

As you sit down with your friends and loved ones this holiday to celebrate the European invasion and colonization of Plymouth Massachusetts, aka Thanksgiving I think it is only right, that we as citizens, parents, neighbors so on and so forth take a moment to do what our school system is not and teach the youth what really happened all those years ago.

Over 15 million Native Americans were brutally murdered. Not teaching, or recognizing this truth, erasing an entire race of people from our history books is deceptive and we are in FACT lying to our children when we do not inform them of the FACTS. We simply can not allow our history to be erased or rewritten as it has been so many times in the past.

It is up to us.

So this is my personal take on Thanksgiving………

They have commercialized these holidays to pull us away from the true facts and meanings of things.

Turkeys are associated with Thanksgiving just as Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny lies are synonymous with Christmas and Easter….

It is brainwashing at its infinite level through the guise of innocence, they are constantly goading us, pushing us to consume, consume, consume, because consumption equals happiness. The day after Thanksgiving is not called Black Friday for nothing…..

So let’s take a look at the lie…

We dress up in Pilgrim costumes and as Native Americans to reenact history. When in FACT we are only perpetuating and teaching our children a lie. Why not tell them the TRUTH about the Pilgrims and Natives?

Or history books briefly, yet clearly express “The American Tradition” like such:

After some exploring, the Pilgrims chose the land around Plymouth Harbor for their settlement. Unfortunately, they had arrived in December and were not prepared for the harsh New England Winter. However, they were aided by friendly Indians, who gave them food and showed them how to grow corn. When the warm weather came the colonist planted, fished, hunted and prepared themselves for the next winter. After harvesting their first crop, they and their Indian friends celebrated their first Thanksgiving.

Why is nothing mentioned about the plague that ravaged and significantly reduced the Native population?

When Columbus arrived in the New World and domesticated animals, it brought about disease such as Cowpox which led to Smallpox and was spread when the infected Europeans gifted the Natives with blankets.  I believe this very relevant fact is left out intentionally as this would hardly produce a friendly relationship between the two cultures.

In my research I have learned that a good majority of the Pilgrims and Europeans thought of the Natives as heathens, savages, treacherous and even satanic.  Then Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop, was noted for calling the plague miraculous. In 1634, he wrote to a friend in England:

But for the Natives in these parts, God hath so pursued them, as for 300 miles of space the greatest part of them are swept away by the small pox which still continues among them. So as God hath thereby cleared our title to this place, those who remain in these parts, being in all not fifty, have put themselves under our protect…..

Lets look into what that looked like:

The Pequot Massacre in 1637. The colonist found a white man dead in his boat. They decided he had been murdered and 90 armed settlers burned a Native Village along with their crops then demanded the Natives turn in the murderer. The Natives refused and a massacre followed.

Captain John Mason and his colonist army surrounded a fortified Pequot village and shouted: “ We must burn them! Such a dreadful terror let the Almighty fall upon their spirits so that they would flee from us and run into the very flames. Thus did the Lord judge the Heathen filling this place with dead bodies.”  The few surviving Pequot were hunted and slain.

Then the Governor of Plymouth, William Bradford was noted to further elaborate:

Those that escaped the fire were slain with the sword; some were hewed to pieces, others ran through with their rapiers, so that they were quickly dispatched and very few escaped. It was conceived that they thus destroyed about 400 at this time. It was a fearful sight to see them thus frying in the fire….horrible was the stink and the scent thereof, but the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice, and they gave the prayers thereof to God, who had wrought so wonderfully for them. 

The day after the massacre the Governor of The Massachusetts Bay Colony declared A day of Thanksgiving, thanking God that they had eliminated over 700 men, women and children. “It shall be signed into law that, this day forth shall be a day of celebration and thanksgiving for subduing the Pequots.”

We could delve deeper into the historical lies and chat about Squanto, the Wampanoag man who as our history books cite learned English to help the hungry, ill and poor pilgrims.. Laughable at best….. History says Squanto learned English from an English Fisherman who ventured into New England every summer. It also states that Squanto taught the Pilgrims  how to plant corn, squash and pumpkins. It is highly likely that the small band of settlers would not have survived without his help… But this is something we will never know for sure.

History books state that the first Thanksgiving was in 1621. It is true that there was a feast that year, but it was NOT called a Thanksgiving Feast nor was it repeated until years later the day after the Pequot massacre in 1637.

I think a better line of questioning or research into Squanto is in order.  How did Squanto really learn English?  Well, as a boy, in 1605 Squanto was stolen by a British captain and was taken to England. He worked for a Plymouth merchant who eventually helped him with passage back to Massachusetts, but less than a year later he and 24 of  his fellow Natives were kidnapped by a British slave trader. Squanto and his fellow Natives were sold into slavery in Spain. Squanto escaped slavery, journeyed back to England and convinced the captain of a trade ship to take him along on his next trip to Cape Cod in 1619.

Upon entering his village he came to the horrific realization that he was the only surviving member of his tribe. The rest were killed in battle or taken out by disease. They exclude his enslavement in order to paint a pretty picture and to glorify the Europeans and erase the struggles of the Native people.

Our history is being turned into pretty myths and illusions of grandeur, fairy tales and bedtime stories, we are eliminating historical facts that offer us invaluable lessons from the past to not repeat in the present and further destroy our future.These are valuable, meaningful truths about our present as well as our future.

What good is teaching history in schools if it is not accurate and honest account of civilizations, cultures and events. Why fill our youth with a body of ethnocentric and premeditive alterations?

Truth is Thanksgiving is full of embarrassing truths about we as a people. The Pilgrims DID NOT introduce the Native Americans to the tradition. Eastern Indians observed annual Harvest Celebrations for centuries. Our Modern Holiday only dates back to 1863. It was not until the 1890’s that the Pilgrims were included in the tradition, hell they weren’t even called Pilgrims until 1870.

I am not writing this to make anyone feel bad about celebrating Thanksgiving, I am not saying we should not celebrate it. None of us are responsible for the heinous acts of our ancestors. We did not cause the plagues or massacres. But I think it is important as human beings to be honest about our History, about holidays.

Many of you may wonder why I am saying any of this?

How does it pertain to you?

It is simple. History that is not inclusive is dangerous, it promotes racism and prejudice and promulgates the negative vortex of dishonesty. It is fine to spend time with our friends and loved ones. It is important to be thankful, and there is nothing wrong with setting aside a day to be thankful. But in reality we should be thankful every day. If we are going to be thankful on this day perhaps we should be thankful for those who gave their lives rather unwillingly so that we could celebrate this day. Lets just be honest tho, we are celebrating a very unfair and unwarranted onslaught of thievery, murder, rape and more.

America was not settled or colonized, it was stolen with brute force. Perhaps we should be thankful that the sentient beings from elsewhere have not openly taken our land…..yet

Gobble Gobble…….

A look at dabbing

Let’s start off by looking at whether or not dabbing is dangerous.


THAT can be extremely dangerous.  Thanks to online forums and videos, and shows like Breaking Bad many amateur “scientists”   try it on their own. In some cases  things go well, but were it to actually be lab tested the product is probably still pretty poor quality……

Other times…houses blow up.

A few explosions by ignorant DIYers and suddenly cannabis is being viewed in the same light terms as meth.

That my friends is not good.

For ME the actual process of dabbing was quite scary and overwhelming.

Glass bongs  being heated with blow torches turned my stomach and made me think of cannabis in the same light as crack or meth, I and others like myself dubbed dabbing the “crack” of pot. I was very turned off by it.

I am not saying that dabbing has any similarity to these harsh drugs, but to the uneducated consumer, unless it’s  creme brulee, lighting something with a torch never looks tasteful.

While this is a matter of choice for most consumers,  the whole process of dabbing with a torch is really a turnoff for some and others feel the appearance of the process may hurt legalization as a whole.

I am not of that mindset, but I am still on the fence about dabbing.

My mental jury is still out and I am researching and immersing myself into this side of the cannabis movement to find the truths about dabbing, dabbers and whether or not the suggested health risks or implications are in fact a risk or just more hype and false bullshit made up to distract us from the prize.

Are Dabs Bad for You?
Does dabbing have health implications either good or bad?
Are there side effects?

Do these home extraction experiments result in “dirty” oil that contains contaminants that could present health hazards to consumers?

Is butane truly a concern beings that even I know the dangers are most likely minimal since it already occurs in everyday products such as scent and flavor extracts.

Oh wait….those are not really something one should smoke….

Whether or not the equipment used in the extraction process is adding additional contaminants is a more viable question in this Faeries brain.

When done correctly,  as is the case with growing cannabis, I am currently of the mindset that it poses no health risks however it is my opinion that as with growing cannabis if you are going to attempt it it is best to get advice from someone you respect that knows what they are doing…It is not something just any Tom Dick or Harry should try at home, it’s best to leave it to those who know what they’re doing.

A very disturbing drawback about dabs is that due to the strength of concentrates ie shatter, wax, crumble, virgin dabbers often consume more than they should and it can lead to a very uncomfortable or overly intense high…..

While it’s not possible to die from a cannabis overdose, concentrates potency can lead to a negative cannabis experience.

On the other side of that however is that when truly using as a medicine patients report that they give a powerful and instant relief. Patients dealing with severe pain or nausea report that dabbing gives immediate relief that they would have to consume quite a bit of flower and never get that instantaneous relief.

Yes, the safety issues associated with making extracts are real, but they can be easily controlled in a professional environment.

The “open” extraction method that can be done at home and it is NOT something I suggest unless you really know what you are doing, and even still you are potentially risking everyone around you doing this crude method….. I know people that do it and their product is flying off the shelf, they are pretty responsible with it but it still just takes one fuck up and Boom! Bye Bye family…does not seem worth the risk…

Should they instead choose closed extraction?

Is it truly safer or does it simply  require more sophisticated equipment?

There ARE other extraction methods, such as ice-water extraction,  Rosin Presses, Flat Irons etc that are safer and  remove the possibility of explosions. But that is not everyone’s choice…..


While dabbing may be going through it’s awkward phase,  concentrates have many benefits for patients and cannabis consumers alike….We simply need a method to ensure, like all products the health benefits outweigh the risks that may or may not be present in the finished product.

To Be Continued…………

Hemp oil is NOT medical cannabis

There is a lot of confusion about hemp and what we popularly know as “marijuana.” Most people assume that hemp and marijuana is the same thing. Historically, the government has lumped them together as banned substances. It doesn’t help that some medical cannabis proponents refer to it as “hemp oil.”

What is hemp and how is it different from medical cannabis?

Although hemp is technically a cannabis plant, it is a very different variety from the cannabis that is used recreationally and medicinally. The website, HempEthics, defines hemp in this way:

The term ‘Hemp’ commonly refers to the industrial/commercial use of the cannabis stalk and seed for textiles, foods, papers, body care products, detergents, plastics and building materials.

Hemp is an amazingly versatile and useful plant, not unlike its medical cannabis cousin in this regard. However, the similarity might end there. In addition to usage, there are several other ways that hemp and recreational/medical cannabis differ, according to HempEthics.

  • Unlike recreational cannabis that has been bred over the years to yield high THC (the psychoactive compound responsible for feeling “high,” as well as having a number of documented medical benefits), industrial hemp is very low in THC.
  • In hemp, it’s the stalks and seeds that matter. The stalk provides strong fiber for making rope, paper, textiles, and building materials and the seeds can be turned into cooking oil and food products, body care products, and biofuel. In recreational/medical cannabis, the prized parts of the plant are the buds and flowers of the female plant, the source of THC and CBD and other beneficial components.
  • Hemp and marijuana plants look entirely different. Hemp more closely resembles bamboo in the length and woodiness of the stalks and grows to an average height of 10-15 feet before harvest. In contrast, marijuana plants grow to an average height of 5 feet, with leaves and buds that grow out rather than up. Hence, hemp can be grown packed closely together whereas marijuana plants require a lot of space.
  • The growing conditions and environments also differ for each kind of plant. Recreational/medicinal cannabis plants need warm, humid environments to grow. The more delicate parts of the plant—the buds—require a lot of handling which make them suited for indoor cultivation. Hemp plants, on the other hand, are hardy and can grow in a wider range of areas. They thrive in fields that grow crops like corn and produce higher yields than other cannabis plants.

Blurred Lines

Recently, however, the lines between hemp and recreational/medical cannabis use have become blurred and consumer confusion has spiked as a result of new entrepreneurs—most motivated more by greed than by a genuine interest in wellness—attempting to find a new use for hemp as medicine.

Hemp and the CBD Craze

Marijuana entrepreneurs hoping to cash in on the new demand for CBD and circumvent the federal marijuana ban have increasingly turned to industrial hemp grown in other countries as an alternative source for CBD since importing hemp products is legal.  However, while it’s true that hemp contains trace amounts of CBD, these quantities pale in comparison to the high-CBD strains of cannabis.

Unfortunately, rather than being a viable source of CBD for medical cannabis patients, it was revealed recently in a Project CBD report that people have gotten seriously sick as a result of taking contaminated hemp products marketed for its CBD.

The risk of contamination runs high in commercial hemp cultivation since hemp is known for sucking up heavy metals, solvents, pesticides and other toxins from the soil. These toxins then become concentrated and passed along through extraction into the final product.

Let me expose the enterprise of manufacturing CBD-infused hemp products for what it really is – get rich quick schemes riddled with fraud and corruption.

The Hemp Industries Association’s Official Position

The Hemp Industries Association (HIA), concerned about the misrepresentation and misbranding of CBD products marketed as “hemp oil,” issued a June 2014 statement (PDF) to clarify the issue. In it, they state:

It is important for American farmers and processors of hemp to understand that most CBD in products mislabeled as “hemp oil” is a co-product of large-scale hemp stalk and fiber processing facilities in Europe where the fiber is the primary material produced at a large scale.

The HIA defines “hemp oil” as hemp seed oil, (a cooking oil and ingredient in food and body care products) and further states that:

CBD is not a product or component of hemp seeds, and labeling to that effect is misleading and motivated by the desire to take advantage of the legal gray area of CBD under federal law.

The stalks and fiber of hemp don’t contain CBD either, so where does the CBD in hemp come from? “Indirectly, as a co-product of flowers and leaves that are mixed in with the stalks during hemp stalk processing for fiber,” states HIA.

What this means is that hemp has not been grown or processed specifically for CBD, but rather CBD has been an incidental by-product. The hemp processed for fiber is not meant for direct consumption. Hence, up until its dual purpose with CBD extraction, the consequences hadn’t been noticeable if it was grown in contaminated soil.

In a surprising twist, the federal government introduced a 2014 Farm Bill with a provision that takes advantage of the fuzzy definition of “hemp” to also include high CBD cannabis strains with less than .3% THC in their flowering tops. As a result, research can now be done without the plants being treated federally as “marijuana.” This provision also allows “industrial hemp” (the high CBD strains under .3% THC) to be grown for the purpose of producing and selling CBD extracts in states where hemp cultivation is legal. The HIA differentiates these from general hemp, which it clearly states is “not suitable for producing CBD.”

Do the states that permit hemp cultivation understand this difference and offer consumers protection in the event that profiteers decide to extract CBD from the usual hemp variety with the dubious value and hazards that it entails? Obviously not

High quality CBD oil comes from the buds and flowers of CBD-rich strains of cannabis, not from by-product plant material.


Fade to Black

Life it seems will fade away hetting harder every day getting lost within myself nothing matters no one else I have lost the will to live simply nothing more to give….. 

been quite some time since I have felt this way. So exhausted. Just done. Truly do not want to be a part of this world anymore.