The Concussion Epidemic

A national survey conducted with over 1500 parents in 2014 found that 89% of parents worried about the risks of sports injuries for their children concussion and head injuries were the leading concern. 

Parents fears about head injuries are not unfounded. It is conservatively estimated that between 1.6 and 3.8 million concussions occur anually in the Uninted States as a result of athletic involvement. Moreover the rate of sports related concussions has been increasing with one prospective study finding a 15.5 percent annual increase over an 11 year period. 

As another indicator of this trend emergency room visits for sports and recreation related TBIs among children and adolecents rose 62% from 2001 to 2009 even though youths participation in sports has been steadily declining in recent years. 

Improved detection of concussions cannot explain all the increase. It should also be noted that statistics on emergency room visits do not reflect other non emergency room medical visits that are occassioned by sports related concussions or the many concussed individuals who do not seek medical attention. 

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention categorizes concussions as a mild form of tBI but acknowledges that all TBIs disrupt normal brain function. Neurological surgeons caution that no concussion should be taken lightly. In the short term concussions may cause a range of physical cognitive behavioral and emotional signs and symptoms. More disturbingly researchers have found that some concussions have a downstream nuerodegenerative effects giving rise to patterns of decline often associated with abnormal aging. A 2014 study in Surgical Neurology International coined a term for this increasingly prevalent problem diminished brain resilience syndrome (DBR) 

The authors of the 2014 study were Wendy Morley a nitrition specialist and Stephanie Seneff the senior research scientist at MIT. The two authors made a compelling argument that our modern lifestyle and environmental toxins are the key culprits responsible for the alarming uptick in concussions and concussion related neurological damage. A series of deeply inter related environmental and lifestyle problems -pesticde and chemical toxicity exposure to heavy metals such as aluminum poor gut health overconsumption of processed foods nutritional deficiencies especially during the formative years and insufficient access to sunlight are setting into motion a perfect storm of events that are making our brains less resilliant to shocks and disturbances of all types. 

According to Morley and Seneff the human bodies innate regulatory and healing mechanisms are ordinarily sufficient to maintain homeostasis and enable psychological resilience. When we are psychologically intact and healthy intrinsic brain mechanisms typically allow us to spontaniously recover from uncomplicated single concussions within 24 to 72 hours. However due to widespread exposure to environmental toxins detrimental changes in the food supply and the loss of formerly protective lifestyle practices few of us are lucky enough to have unaltered physiology   Thus instead of producing a normal regenerative healing response our impaired ability to recover quickly results in a downward spiral of neurological demise. 

Functional deficiencies and depletion of important brain nitrients are one of the key reasons for our increased susceptibility to brain injury and our conpromised ability to heal. Common deficiencies include sulphur magnesium zinc vitamen D B and onega 3 essential fatty acids. Especially docosagexarnoic acid. Each of these functional deficiencies has numerous downstream physiological consequences related to brain injury and diminished resilience. 

What bothers me the most about all the things wrong with us in in one way or another these things are all imposed illnesses due to the foods we are fed and the toxins sprayed in our air. Everything that I have encountered thus far is caused by bad diet and chemical exposure via what they spray on is or put in our food or sell as health foods or shove off as medicine. 

I am researching brain injuries because of Fridays guest. He has endured 4 traumatic service related brain injuries and I want to A understand his condition and B understand how cannabis has helped him and what I can offer him to do dietarily and energy wise to find relief.  

This article will be continued. 


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