A look at dabbing

Let’s start off by looking at whether or not dabbing is dangerous.


THAT can be extremely dangerous.  Thanks to online forums and videos, and shows like Breaking Bad many amateur “scientists”   try it on their own. In some cases  things go well, but were it to actually be lab tested the product is probably still pretty poor quality……

Other times…houses blow up.

A few explosions by ignorant DIYers and suddenly cannabis is being viewed in the same light terms as meth.

That my friends is not good.

For ME the actual process of dabbing was quite scary and overwhelming.

Glass bongs  being heated with blow torches turned my stomach and made me think of cannabis in the same light as crack or meth, I and others like myself dubbed dabbing the “crack” of pot. I was very turned off by it.

I am not saying that dabbing has any similarity to these harsh drugs, but to the uneducated consumer, unless it’s  creme brulee, lighting something with a torch never looks tasteful.

While this is a matter of choice for most consumers,  the whole process of dabbing with a torch is really a turnoff for some and others feel the appearance of the process may hurt legalization as a whole.

I am not of that mindset, but I am still on the fence about dabbing.

My mental jury is still out and I am researching and immersing myself into this side of the cannabis movement to find the truths about dabbing, dabbers and whether or not the suggested health risks or implications are in fact a risk or just more hype and false bullshit made up to distract us from the prize.

Are Dabs Bad for You?
Does dabbing have health implications either good or bad?
Are there side effects?

Do these home extraction experiments result in “dirty” oil that contains contaminants that could present health hazards to consumers?

Is butane truly a concern beings that even I know the dangers are most likely minimal since it already occurs in everyday products such as scent and flavor extracts.

Oh wait….those are not really something one should smoke….

Whether or not the equipment used in the extraction process is adding additional contaminants is a more viable question in this Faeries brain.

When done correctly,  as is the case with growing cannabis, I am currently of the mindset that it poses no health risks however it is my opinion that as with growing cannabis if you are going to attempt it it is best to get advice from someone you respect that knows what they are doing…It is not something just any Tom Dick or Harry should try at home, it’s best to leave it to those who know what they’re doing.

A very disturbing drawback about dabs is that due to the strength of concentrates ie shatter, wax, crumble, virgin dabbers often consume more than they should and it can lead to a very uncomfortable or overly intense high…..

While it’s not possible to die from a cannabis overdose, concentrates potency can lead to a negative cannabis experience.

On the other side of that however is that when truly using as a medicine patients report that they give a powerful and instant relief. Patients dealing with severe pain or nausea report that dabbing gives immediate relief that they would have to consume quite a bit of flower and never get that instantaneous relief.

Yes, the safety issues associated with making extracts are real, but they can be easily controlled in a professional environment.

The “open” extraction method that can be done at home and it is NOT something I suggest unless you really know what you are doing, and even still you are potentially risking everyone around you doing this crude method….. I know people that do it and their product is flying off the shelf, they are pretty responsible with it but it still just takes one fuck up and Boom! Bye Bye family…does not seem worth the risk…

Should they instead choose closed extraction?

Is it truly safer or does it simply  require more sophisticated equipment?

There ARE other extraction methods, such as ice-water extraction,  Rosin Presses, Flat Irons etc that are safer and  remove the possibility of explosions. But that is not everyone’s choice…..


While dabbing may be going through it’s awkward phase,  concentrates have many benefits for patients and cannabis consumers alike….We simply need a method to ensure, like all products the health benefits outweigh the risks that may or may not be present in the finished product.

To Be Continued…………


2 thoughts on “A look at dabbing

  1. Until the cannabis market is not viewed as a cash cow by the Investment Banker Contingent, there probably won’t be a good answer to this issue. You really DON’T know what you’re getting with these products, even beyond what is used to prepare them because you don’t know, in fact, how the weed was grown to begin with…which is too bad because dabbing can be done in a low tech way and it really IS extremely therapeutic and good when you are too unwell to smoke.

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