Lover, Fighter, Artist, Writer, after years of being victimized by choice chance and the western medical song and dance I was I had lost hope of ever getting better, I did not have the means to try any more new treatments and I was not willing to do chemo ever again, I certainly was not going to go under anesthesia and trust yet another Doctor Kavorckian so I decided to make my Bucket List It goes like this

  1. leave the world better than I found it
  2. believe in love again
  3. get to know my granddaughter
  4. Mye tyes in Bora Bora w J
  5. dance with Axl again (play the funky music white boy)
  6. meet Kid Rock
  7. Have an Epic Talk Show
  8. Have an Impactful Blog
  9. publish my memoirs
  10. family restoration Sisters x 3
  11. Prove Music and Cannabis as a combined therapy heals
  12. create a legacy to leave my children to sustain them
  13. Be on Ellen and Jimmy Fallon
  14. Hawaii
  15. New York
  16. Israel

I called my friend Doug and asked for his assistance with items number 4 and if possible 5 and he basically denied my request but gave me a phone number that I did not save but the owner of it is still to date attempting to save me…. he introduced me to myself again in a universal way  and thanks to a very enlightening and awakening visit with my deceased daddy and the what must be the gateway to another world the cannabis plant and this humans insistence that it would work  I am here today…..



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